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Stunning selection of mixed media artworks by visual artist Januz Miralles who combines photo manipulation with traditional painting.

Januz Miralles - Laguna, Philippines artist

Laguna, Philippines artist Januz Miralles

Through a mix of photo manipulation and photography, Philippines-based artist Januz Miralles creates a handmade texture on an otherwise digital surfac.

Januz Miralles - Photograph through glass with water poured over the surface of the glass as the portrait is shot. Squash ink, oil and water between plastic sheets. Photograph your model through the plastic.

“ The Photo Manipulations & Painted Textures of Januz Miralles There is little disclosure on the background and creative technique of Philippines-based artist and photographer, Januz.

Januz Miralles  Laguna, Philippines - (title unknown)

Laguna, Philippines artist Januz Miralles

Fine artist Januz Miralles is also a digital artist, illustrator, and painter who merges multiple painting techniques with digital photo manipulation and photography. Miralles is based in Laguna lo…

~ 2013 by Januz Miralles, via Behance

Photography And Paint Portraits by Janus Miralles. (via Photography And Paint Portraits – Fubiz™) More art here.

Artist: Januz Miralles {contemporary female head abstraction woman face portrait mixed media b+w grunge painting drips}

Collaboration by Januz Miralles

Sins Of Jezebel By TOMAAS Photographer: TOMAAS Photographer Assistant: Charles Chan Casela Illustrator: Januz Miralles Make up Artist: Gregg Hubbard Repres