Vintage,village fete themed outdoor wedding

Celebrate your outdoor wedding with a vintage village fete theme in our Long Yurt
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a collage of photos showing people and animals at an outdoor event, including a dog
Eco-friendly doggy bags for wedding cake leftovers
If you find yourself with left over wedding cake, create some cute doggy bags so your guests can take some to munch on when they get home. Keep it eco friendly by using brown paper and bio degradable bags
the bride is holding a beer in her hand and there are flowers on the table
Eco friendly wedding cups and rustic top table
If you're environmentally minded, there are lots of ways you can reduce waste and have an eco friendly wedding. Cups are an easy win, there are lots of brands out there who create bio-degradable cups.
a bride and groom standing under streamers at their wedding
Naomi & Adam celebrating their village fete themed wedding in a yurt
The gorgeous Naomi and Adam celebrate their love with an outdoor wedding. They gathered loved ones together and transported them back to a by gone era with traditional fair games, a DIY jam jar bar, colourful streamers, rustic furniture and vintage lace
a couch sitting on top of a lush green field next to a body of water
Lounging Around: How to Set Up a Lounge Space at your Wedding Reception
An inviting evening lakeside wedding lounge with hay bale seating and string lighting. Joshua Zuckerman Photography via The Knot #summerwedding #weddinglounge
a bunch of buckets that are sitting in the grass next to some beer bottles
40 Hanging Lanterns Dcor Ideas for Indoor or Outdoor Weddings
40 Hanging Lanterns Dcor Ideas for Indoor or Outdoor Weddings #hanging #ideas #indoor #lanterns #outdoor #weddings
two hay bales with white covers on them
Top Editorial and Documentary Wedding Photographer
canvas covered hay bales
three vases with flowers in them are hanging from a wooden stand on the grass
87 Brilliant Garden Wedding Decor Ideas
I've got a bunch of bamboo stakes I picked up at a Master Gardener sale. Need to find small bottles. Also, an kleinen Flaschen mangelt es mir nicht. Hübsche Idee für eine Party-Dekoration.
a man sitting at a bar made out of hay
68+ trendy wedding ideas photography fun
an outdoor seating area with couches, tables and hay bales on the ground
50 Country Wedding Ideas for Bucolic Celebrations That Wow
a couch sitting in front of a wooden wall with the words welcome home written on it
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an outdoor ceremony with hay bales in the foreground
52 Rustic Wedding Ideas: Top Chic Trends For 2024
there is a fork, spoon and napkin on top of a wooden table with doily
Vintage Lace Napkins and Antique Cutlery at your Outdoor Wedding
Get inventive with place settings with colourful vintage napkins and antique cutlery for your wedding breakfast. Lay the tables with delicate lace runners for the ultimate vintage feel. Pictures by ELS Photography
there are many jars on the table with drinks in them, and one has a chalkboard sign above it
DIY Vintage Wedding Jam Jar Bar
Keep costs down and creativity up with a DIY jam jar bar. Ask friends and family to save their jam jars for you and turn them into cute drinking glasses for your wedding. Add a pop of colour with some pom poms, and keep it vintage/retro with an old chalk board, vintage apple crates and rustic furniture Pictures by ELS Photography
two pictures with people sitting next to each other
Cozy up at your Festival Wedding with Snuggly Blankets
Keep your guests warm at your outdoor wedding by giving them blankets to cozy up in. Stick to the retro or vintage theme by mixing up fabrics and colours. Pictures by ELS Photography