Exploring where we live

Exploring where we live but could also be a wall on families, hobbies and so on. Should require some homework working with family!

{ Printable Loch Ness Monster Craft }

I know, this craft seems completely random. Lorelai added it to our "to-do" craft list a while back, which now has over 50 things. I made the printable a few weeks ago and we just got to it this

What a fun idea for Burn's night - kilt craft

Three Crafts for Burn's Night: kilt craft, haggis craft and thistle craft, and all easy enough for young children.

Woven Thistle Craft

This interesting craft combines a number of techniques to produce a "woven" thistle with lots of texture.

Scottish dialect booklet http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/scottish-dialect-booklet

Print, fold and enjoy this Scottish dialect booklet - with your best Scottish accent of course! You will need our origami booklet instructions.

Foodie Quine: Shortbread Kilts for St Andrew's Day

Scottish Iced Tartan Shortbread Kilts for St Andrew's Day, Burns Night, Hogmanay.