A Girl Reading, 1932 by Vanessa Bell

A Girl Reading Vanessa Bell (English, Oil on canvas. Bell was a painter and interior designer who established her reputation as part of the avant-garde Bloomsbury.

'Vanessa Bell', c.1960 - Duncan Grant

'Vanessa Bell', by Duncan Grant. The last portrait Duncan painted of Vanessa. After her death in Grant wrote to his friend Raymond Mortimer: "It's a very good thing I have such a long period of happiness to look back to, but I dread the emptiness ahead.

Vanessa Bell

Figure Group with the Artist, Another Woman and two Children by French Windows, Vanessa Bell

Rug design by Duncan Grant

Artist Sophie Coryndon is incredibly knowledgeable about the use of palette and motifs created by the group at the Omega workshops and back .

The Blue Room, Wissett Lodge - Vanessa Bell

i love this piece Bell, Vanessa - The Blue Room, Wissett Lodge - Bloomsbury Group - Genre - Oil on canvas

vanessa bell by duncan grant

Virginia Wollf at Charleston, painted by her sister - Vanessa Bell (British, Bloomsbury Group