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Funny pictures about A Slice Of Paradise. Oh, and cool pics about A Slice Of Paradise. Also, A Slice Of Paradise photos.

Uncommon Buildings you'd Love - Fingerprint Building, Thailand

WORLD TOURISM: Unbelievable and Amazing Fingerprint Building Thailand is constructed as a commercial in 2006 for Shera. One more interesting thing about this building is that it´s just an idea.

With the growth in the world's population we will all be living in these concrete monumental buildings soon

Inspired by Michael Wolf's photos of Hong Kong buildings, but probably originally by the urbanization section of the Massive Change exhibit. Hong Kong apartments/homes.

Amazing Building in Kuwait.  A different pinner identified it by the name of "Tower of Cobra." That certainly seems to be an appropriate name for it; I hope the info is accurate.

"New Wonderful Photos: Amazing Building in Kuwait": When architects have a cool idea, they make a cool drawing. They would like to build the cool building. So far, this is still imaginary.

david abrahams watermelon still life

David Abrahams’ Still Life Photography

David Abraham's watermelon still life. I love this sculpture. I could do a sculpture similar to this piece.

Galaxy Soho, Beijing | Zaha Hadid Architects #geometry #harmony

the curved staircase of this zaha hadid building reminds me of the looking down on the spiral of the ram horn

Gabby O'Connor uses staples and tissue paper to shape perceptions of oceans and ice in What Lies Beneath

Gorgeous Iceberg Sculpture Made of Tissue Paper and Staples

Gabby O’Connor, "What Lies Beneath", an installation of dyed and lacquered tissue paper stapled together and lit with natural light augmented by fluorescent lights. I love how this soft light fills the room.