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If I ever teach a photoshop class, I will inflict this. In honor of my evil, amazing photoshop teacher. Would be great for beginning and end of year photos. Photography Projects, Photography Tips, Amazing Photography, Portrait Photography, Medical Photography, Funny Photography, Photography Collage, Reflection Photography, Forest Photography

Face to face: Artist creates bizarre 'genetic portraits' featuring heads of siblings, parents and children spliced together

The eye-opening series of photographs created by Ulric Collette features family members' faces spliced together, with startling results.

Don't let fire take control of you. Let SERVPRO help you deal with fire damage cleanup. We will take the fire off your hands! Ansel Adams, Writing Inspiration, Character Inspiration, Photography Tips, Amazing Photography, Breathing Fire, Foto Art, Fire And Ice, At Least

Im a lot diffrent then most children of Apollo. I can control fire too. I also am not as easy going, and my temper can flair easily so keep that in mind before you deside to prank me.

blue - man - portrait - Realistic yet abstract paintings by Eduardo Mata Icaza L'art Du Portrait, Abstract Portrait, Portraits, Abstract Paintings, Modern Portrait Artists, Realistic Paintings, Painting Inspiration, Art Inspo, Cupuacu

Realistic yet abstract paintings by Eduardo Mata Icaza - Bleaq

After featuring artists three times a week at Bleaq for over a year now you might think I never come across an artists that doesn’t show similarities with earlier featured work. But yes, it does happen, and I think today’s featured artist Eduardo Mata Icaza is a great example of one of those unique artists. […]

Clyde Barrow, one-half of the notorious gangster duo Bonnie & Clyde, is shown as a teenager in a Dec. mug shot from the Dallas Police Department files. He was charged with auto theft, but according to later records the indictment was dismissed. Bonnie Parker, Bonnie Clyde, Old Photos, Vintage Photos, Old Pictures, Rare Photos, Vintage Photographs, Celebrity Mugshots, Real Gangster

Bonnie and Clyde: The Police Files

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Kurt Schwitters- Father of Dada, collage as personal statement on society Kurt Schwitters, Tristan Tzara, Dada Collage, Collage Artists, Art Collages, Collage Portrait, Collage Photo, Photomontage, Dadaism Art

Hannah Höch, Dompteuse (Tamer), 1930 Photomontage with collage elements, 14 x 10 1/4 inches

Vintage bad girl mug shots - probably arrested by the fashion police for bad hair and eyebrows Bad Hair, Hair Day, Girl Hair, Minneapolis, Old Photos, Vintage Photos, Selfies, Celebrity Mugshots, Bad Eyebrows

23 Vintage Bad Girl Mugshots

Bad babes breaking laws in beehives. From the collection of vintage mugshots of Least Wanted.

 In the Rolling Stones front man was arrested when police invaded fellow Stone, Keith Richards’, England home. 9 Old School Celebrity Mugshots Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Beatles, Celebrity Mugshots, El Rock And Roll, Moves Like Jagger, Jailhouse Rock, Famous Musicians

9 Throwback Celebrity Mugshots

9 old school celebrity mugshots. See how your favorite classic celebrities have all fallen at some point and been in trouble with the law.