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Fancy some for yourself? 😍

Fancy some for yourself? 😍

Such a great idea for creeping vines!

DIY Recycled bike tire trellis FOR any vine growing plant . even morning glories at curb side or green beans in the middle of the garden and great for tomato plants - plant the tomatoes near the center . will hold 2 plants one on each side - Clever!

Nature's pharmacy is packed with hundreds of medicinal plants used in both Western and Chinese medical practices to treat a variety of conditions.

12 Medicinal Plants You Can Grow At Home. You can create your own natural pharmacy in your home or garden. There are hundreds of plants you could grow that treat a variety of ailments. Also, some herbs have a dual role; you can cook with them too

How to grow your own peanuts - amazing plants with yellow flowers, and underground are tasty peanut pods!

I didn't know growing peanuts was so easy! I eat a TON of these, in fact having some now!-) How to grow your own peanuts - step by step growing tips for a peanut plant in your garden!

How to make money from your garden | Expert money tips

Find out how to double your wardrobe space and make more room in your bedroom with these clever storage tips and space-saving ideas.

Homemade Stepping Stones | Stepping Stone I tried and now have made at least 10

Use spring form cake pan, a dollar store round aluminum foil cake pan, or round plastic garbage can lids to make the circular. Use recycled pizza boxes for square designs and dollar store rectangle aluminum cake pans.

How to make concrete stepping stones for the garden with numbers set in rocks

A Diana ia adorar fazer isto.talvez para o Bairro.How to make concrete stepping stones for the garden with numbers set in rocks.