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Michael Jackson stunnin on the streets

HIStory attire: promo video attire: Black jeans with black buckles and knee pads. Includes black boots and buckles. Black long long sleeve shirt with silver arm pads and design. White and silver imprints and black shades

Imagem de michael jackson, lisa marie presley, and disney

Michael Jackson and his then-wife Lisa-Marie Presley enjoying their honeymoon at Euro Disneyland on the of September, where they stayed in the Sleeping Beauty Suite of the Disneyland Hotel

Gosh he's just to cute to handle ❤❤❤

Michael Jackson:I don't have any Beauty secrets Makeup girl: well I have have secret to tell! Than this wonderfulness happened of black or white he looks so cute

WOW!! Until now I'd NEVER, EVER seen a photo of Michael Jackson's body. He actually looked pretty good, not as skinny looking without clothes!

Came across this awesome photo of Michael Jackson stepping out of a swimming pool. Props to MJ for looking this tight back in this Thriller era photo.