Anish Kapoor

I really like this design. It uses the simple ocean design then adds to it. The scene is flipped within a bubble and added to the original photo without adding clutter. --- Clearly a digital collage but still looks clean and proffessional

Luciana Urtiga

Surreal Black And White Autoportraits

Diptych Ideas sculpture Brasilian photographer Luciana Urtiga does black and white selfportraits by associating surrealistic symbols

by Mobify

18-Year-Old Creates Surreal Artworks to Express Emotions

Sally Mann. So much emotion here. Makes me wonder what was going through her mind as she took this picture. I like pictures that produce thought.

Two Sally Mann photographs: Candy Cigarette and Holding Virginia . Sally Mann is still alive actually- she was born in the early .

sam taylor-wood

Sam Taylor-Wood, Bram Stoker's Chair III shadows don't appear to match to me but still cool

William Klein

William Klein – Pierre Klein

William Klein, Gun New York, 1955 (Kids with guns,someone should of seen this common')

Strong silhouettes create engaging compositions (The End by Christian Hopkins)