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Beef is a delicious protein. This board includes delicious beef recipes. Filling beef stews, english roast beef, hearty soups, beef pie, patties and more.
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a white plate topped with rice covered in sauce
Spicy Nigerian Egusi Soup | Chilli & Life
One of the most popular dishes to come out of Africa! Nigerian Egusi Soup is a mouth watering combination of flavours. Rich unique and hearty!
a white plate topped with meat covered in gravy
French Beef Bourguignon – Rich & Meaty Winter Warmer - Chilli & Life
Beef Bourguignon is a French classic. Beef cooked in red wine is the most heavenly combination! #indulgenteats
3h 40m
a bowl filled with carrots, celery and beef
Easy Peasy Homemade Beef Stock - Chilli & Life
Easy Homemade Beef Stock Recipe is super easy and provides the best results to spice up your favourite hearty recipes!
a white plate topped with meat covered in sauce
Hot and Spicy Nigerian Egusi Soup | Chilli & Life
If you love spice you will love this Egusi Soup! Its Nigeria's most popular soup for good reason!
a white plate topped with meat covered in marinara sauce next to a bowl of rice
Super Spicy Nigerian Stew with Fried Chicken and Beef - Chilli & Life
Learn how to make the best Nigerian Stew from scratch! This Nigerian staple will become your new favourite dish, if you love spicy food! #nigeriancuisine
a white bowl filled with beef and mushroom stew
French Beef Bourguignon – Rich & Meaty Winter Warmer - Chilli & Life
Beef Bourguignon is a super delicious French recipe. It is stewed beef in red wine flavoured with onions, carrots, mushrooms and bacon. #frenchfood #slowcookrecipe
3h 40m
the best bolognesee sauce is in this recipe
The Best Bolognese Sauce | Chilli & Life
This is the best bolognese sauce you will try! It is meaty, rich and extremely satisfying. Perfect with all kinds of pasta! #bolognesesauce #spaghettibolognese #italianfood
1h 35m
grilled beef tacos with homemade sourcream and chilli on a cutting board
Spicy Mexican Style Beef Tacos | Chilli & Life
This Spicy Braised Beef Tacos recipe is served with guacamole, sour cream and chilli! It is juicy, tender and fiery! #spicytacos #mexicantacos #beeftacos #braisedbeef
an english roast dinner with beef, gravy and vegetables on a white plate
English Roast Dinner | Chilli & Life
This full English Roast Beef Dinner is a hearty must! Served with yummy yorkshire pudding, crispy roasted potatoes and some crunchy broccoli, your family will love this recipe! #roastdinner #englishroast #roastbeef #sundayroast
2h 30m
sliced roast beef on bread with greens and cranberry sauce for garnish
Beef Wellington with Red Wine Sauce
beef ribs with cherries in the background and text overlay that reads, best ribs cherry cola glaze
Grilled Beef Ribs with Black Cherry Cola Glaze
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5h 10m
beef stew with red wine in a white bowl on a table next to carrots and potatoes
Instant Pot Beef Stew with red wine
This hearty instant pot beef stew red wine lets you make a flavorful and filling stew from scratch in only 45 minutes. Juicy fall apart, tender beef, is simmered in a hearty and flavorful broth, veggies. And of course, a little red wine to pull it all together. It'll change the way you look at stew!
vietnamese beef noodle salad with spicy tangy / vibrant in two bowls
Spicy Vietnamese Beef Noodle Salad | Chilli & Life
Quick, easy and super delicious beef noodle salad. This is one of my favourite summer salads but I have to have it all year round because of the gorgeous lemongrass beef! #vietnamesefood #noodlesalad #healthyrecipes #beefrecipe
this is an image of chili con carne
30 Minute Chilli Con Carne – Extra Spicy | Chilli & Life
Chilli Con Carne is a popular dish all over the world and here in the UK we love it. This recipe is my quick and easy weeknight Chilli Con Carne recipe. Very few ingredients are required for this tasty minced meat dish perfect for rice, nachos or stuffing peppers! #mexicanfood #spicyrecipes
a white plate topped with tacos next to a glass of orange juice and lime wedges
Spicy Mexican Birria Tacos | Chilli & Life
This Birria Tacos recipe is juicy, cheesy and spicy! The perfect combination of braised spicy beef stuffed into a corn tortilla topped with stringy cheese, red onion, coriander and lime! One of the best taco recipes!