Hussein Chalayan, Table Dress, 2005

Jupe Table, Hussein Chalayan, 2005 Lily Donaldson in Hussein Chalayan’s legendary ‘Table Dress’ photographed by Nick Knight for British Vogue

Lucy Orta, refuge wear, 1992.

Refuge Wear-Habitent - Lucy Orta -'Her Refuge Wear openly manifests man’s procedures of space definition, that is to say, how he produces his spatial condition. In this way, as underlined by Daniel Sibony, «to inhabit a space is to assimilate it to a body

Irina Dzhus, 2012

I usually play the backseat driver role while trying to give advice to my nephews (with little avail, though) often criticizing the .

Eduard Bohtlingk, Markies

Is This the World's Coolest Forgotten Camper? Put some wheels on this thing and you've got your ideal adventure home

Frères Bouroullec, Clouds

Poetische Rauminterventionen - im Gespräch mit Ronan Bouroullec

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