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Draco and Hermione OMG LOL

Haha Ginny found out about Draco's crush on Hermione XD. Inagine how mad Draco was when he found out she was in love with Ron. Now Hermione and Ron having a perfectly happy life, with kids and jobs, and friends. How did Draco move on?

This is a thing now, this is a thing!

Right now I'm really conflicted because I ship Remus and Tonks and I don't ship Wolfstar but I don't really dislike Wolfstar because Wolfstar stuff tends to be cute!


Charlie the ace aro dragon man gets in on it too. Ron: "He doesn't even like people!" Harry: *in parseltongue* *laughs*<<<< Hahahaha I like this, and "the ace aro dragon man"?

Perfect. Beware of Kids House Pallet Sign by KristaJBrock on Etsy, $55.00

If your house is packed at all times like mine this is the prefect sign to welcome visitors! x reclaimed pallet wood. These signs can be customized with background color and writing color. Signs come ready to hang

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