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Family of migrant workers

Families During The Great Depression Family of migrant workers! I wonder what happened to these families

great depression 1930

The great depression Many people would make signs to find themselves work. This man has 3 kids to provide for. He is talking about how he has all these things but just wants one job. People were desperate for jobs.

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Depression- Parents couldn't afford food and they may have lost their house as well. The only source of food for these families was bread lines or soup lines formed by the government to help feed the poor. Credit for photo was not listed

dust bowl

Portrait of eighteen year old mother from Oklahoma, now a California migrant by Dorothea Lange. this is a piece of Depression Era art for which Lange is known for. She was hired to document the rural poor being displaced by the Depression.

the great depression

So. Sad ~ A penniless mother hides her face in shame after putting her children up for sale. Chicago, My husband's late mother actually had this happen in the depression. She and her brother ended up in an orphanage. It is so sad!