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One day my mother-in-law, found out I had depression. She called me up and said, "Just try not to think about it." To this day I have no idea what "it" was! I have no reasons to be depressed. Quite the opposite really.

When I'm alone there is something so broken and I fall into a sadness so sweet. And the tears that always fall when I fade into my sleep.But I can still find the light, I can still smile - Amelie Pascual

Jm Storm

Jm Storm- Thought about this only recently; I would rather be poor and single, not knowing what my future holds, than be back in that hell hole with him. So glad I found the courage to leave.

i seriously want my life to turn out like this. IA.

would like to formally apologize to my friends for the times when i get really quiet and moody and stare off into space and don’t join in in the conversation i love all of you i’m sorry i can be a downer sometimes