Chloe Hibberd
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Ramon Bruin – Eye - Ramon Bruin is another famous drawing artist. Here is an eye looking back at us from the depth of his fantasy.

Masks; everyone is wearing a mask; when do we start to need one? Who tells us to begin its construction? Masks are everywhere, you can never be truly sure of what is and what isnt a mask. Even when you feel that someone has dropped their mask, how do you know that isnt just a peeling away of a layer to reveal another mask underneath? If you dont engage your heart, your soul, your intuition, you are always content with what you see

"Everybody is an actor…That´s why i hate people, they are always fake," says Susanna Pessoa. It's not meaning they are fake. It's meaning they are so depressed and the mask is their happy smile they must wear at all times.