Maud Rondot | Bijoux

This designer make amasing jewelry: we love her Geometric Jewellery three-dimensional triangle bib necklace // Maud Rondot Bijoux Vintage is love community

Liangchao Shao - experiment - bracelet - straw (BIAD)

Recycled Fashion - sculptural cuff bangle made from plastic straws; I want to see the entire straw outfit!

Paper fashion

Art & Design research professor, Mauricio Velasquez Posada and his students have created a series of origami dresses. In Feb this was a student project called "Animorfos" but now it has evolved into "Geomorfos: the body as a metaphor of the geographical".

Bea Szenfeld's latest fashion collection for Spring/Summer 2014 entitled Haute…

Bea Szenfeld: Haute Papier Spring/Summer 2014

Sculptural Headpiece made from paper - fashion as art; wearable sculpture; paper…

Zoe Bradley creates oversize, highly crafted headpieces, dresses, and sets for…

Kamilya Kuspan Published in Etages Magazine .

Sculptural Fashion with intricate laser cut patterns & silhouette; creative fashion // Kamilya Kuspan Very reminiscent of the ruffs of Elizabethan England.