so precious

Puppy that will only stay calm in the car if you hold his paw. my heart is melting

I can't look at this and not smile.

My weiner-dog turned 12 today! Reddit meet Schnitzel and his bday gift.


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what a sweet, innocent face! is this the image of "puppy eyes"?

I got a small package in the mail today

I got a small package in the mail today

Mail man: " here's the dog you ordered!" Woman: so cute! Mail man: if he's that cute I guess I'll just take him home with me!

Keeps puppy out of trouble when you're busy...hahaha @Sue Goldberg Goldberg Goldberg Goldberg Goldberg Cryderman

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puppy time out. I'm serious. Molly can be a bitch to Buster. She gets a time out and then goes and makes up with him.


Look at this adorable, wrinkly puppy with his chubby puppy belly. So cute!


How he likes to ride in the car when we go on road trips! -what a beautiful boy!