Ross hall Park Chimney

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an aerial view of a parking lot with lots of trees and buildings in the background
nomos architects transforms industrial boiler station into community art center in china
a man is sitting on a bench in the middle of a courtyard with colorful tiles
Mamen Domingo i Ernest Ferré, Jordi Surroca, Marc Méndez · PENEDÈS SQUARE
two balls are sitting on the blue steps
playball studio · Multipurpose Court at St. Mary’s School
a green light emitting from the top of a tall tower
Smokin’ Stacks: 10 Ways To Upcycle Industrial Chimneys - WebUrbanist
a red brick tower sitting next to a lush green park filled with lots of flowers
a crowd of people standing around tents on top of a lush green field next to trees
The Hidden Gardens, Glasgow South Side | What's On Glasgow
an old brick tower with stairs leading up to it
Una antigua fábrica en la Toscana
the reflection of a building in a window with rain falling down on it's glass
edoardo tresoldi + studio studio studio's wire mesh architectural fortress in saudi arabia