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But you already see me that way don't you? You'll never let me forget, it haunts me. It follows me around like a cloud above my head, breaking me down at any moment. It's killing me. Your insults. The never ending insults hurt so much. I'm on the verge of breaking. S
always do your part, make sure you have nothing left to give. if it's not enough. walk away and feel good about yourself.
Crying yourself to sleep: that's hard. Not being able to talk to the one person you want to about crying yourself to sleep because they're the reason you're crying yourself to sleep: worst feeling ever.
goodbyes hurt, you will never get closure from a narcissist, you just have to forget them and have no contact.
The MOST important article you'll ever read. YOU are important too.....
Depression is a monster that won't let go. What's worse is people don't understand. Then you lose those people, (I did), that meant the most to me all due the cruelty of someone who wanted to hurt me more. He succeeded. Why? Because he could and I couldn't fight a narcissist ass.
Elizabeth SiFuentez It has been way to long. I know with your busy schedule it hard. But just letting you know I miss the times we shared.
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