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Use lace over a chocolate cake...then sprinkle with powered sugar...then carefully remove lace.  so smart, and pretty!

Use lace over a chocolate cake.then sprinkle with powered sugar.then carefully remove lace. so smart, and pretty! When I did this the lace pattern wasn't very visible on the cake. It needs to be a bold pattered lace I guess.

Raku birch vase. one day...    @Marianne Glass Glass Tone Silveira Correa Coelho on etsy

Loooovvve this! Handmade 10 Koivu Birch Raku Tree Trunk Vase by Maari on Etsy

I'm so intrigued by this technique... its amazing the thngs art can potray and make you feel the diffrent emotions from a single object is breath taking

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DIY Watercolor Texture Techniques from hatefueled on Deviant Art here.Top to bottom: alcohol, salt, blotting, stencils/erasing, sandpaper and wax. You can go to the link for more on each technique.