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Chloey Derrick

Active😏 Follow me& I follow back. you only realise the real friends when your going through shit and the ones who's there for you..
Chloey Derrick
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I've tried to do the right things. When we used to talk, everything felt good - just as friends. I care for YOU so much, I thought u reciprocated - at least as a friend? Now I don't know what's right or wrong about us.Yeah ok I'm crazy about U, can't help it, just the way it is, but u don't give me chance to not be crazy so here I am in mid water, kicking my legs to keep afloat, Dunno whether to keep kicking or stop... I don't want to, and can't, not yet but it's killing me inside :(

I'm Not Perfect I'll Annoy You Piss You Off Say Stupid Things Then Take It All Back But Put That All Aside And You'll Never Find A Person Who Cares Or Loves You More Than Me. And no matter how much you do as well. I will always love you

What did I ever think about before you? You're on my mind EVERY SINGLE DAY, and I love it.

For some bizarre reason, I'm in your life and you're in mine. There's a reason for all of this and my life has never been the same. I have never been this happy in all of my life :).

black lambo with pink interior

"Black Lambo with pretty pink interior.a girl can dream right?" I'd prefer a red Lambo with cream or tan interior. But kinda neat and funny to see that they do pink.