David Bomberg ~ Spires and Towers, Notre Dame de Paris, 1953 (charcoal)

The shading and variation in values creates an oppressive, sad mood in this sketch, whilst the line work defines each building harshly.

Bomberg, David (1890-1957) - 1932 Self Portrait (National Portrait Gallery, London) | Medium: oil on board; 59 x 49 cm.

David Garshen Bomberg ('Self-Portrait with Pipe') by David Garshen Bomberg,painting,circa 1932

"Evening in the City of London" ~ David Garshen Bomberg (1890 – 1957) was an English painter, and one of the Whitechapel Boys

"Evening in the City of London" ~ David Bomberg – excellent example of an artist putting warm colours next to cooler colours to make the warm colours appear more intense

Sunset, The Bay, North Devon, 1946 David Bomberg

David Garshen Bomberg December 1890 – 19 August was an English painter, and one of the Whitechapel Boys.

Sappers at Work : Canadian Tunnelling Company, R14, St Eloi on the western front by David Bomberg.

David Bomberg - Sappers at Work: A Canadian Tunelling Company, 1919

David Bomberg - Cyprus, 1948, oil on canvas

David Bomberg - Cyprus, oil on canvas - lovely warm oranges and also placed next to some complementary blues

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