Newcastle Upon Tyne, England is the Hometown of GW Soccer's Matthew Scott. In Robert Stephenson's High Level Bridge of 1849 opened and it was the first road/rail bridge in the world. Today the Tyne Bridge has a modern structure.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Persuasive Texts/Rhetorical Devices: Argument by analogy. Physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson uses an analogy to explain why although the odds of alien life are so high, we haven't found any evidence.

strawberry custard tarts

Strawberry Custard Tarts - Gorgeous and delicious. If you've never made homemade custard before, here's your reason to start.

The Kid (2000)

The Kid (2000)

The Kid - Bruce Willis excels in this simple movie that is a variation of a theme. Between the absolutely polished skill and talent of Willis and Spencer Breslin you lose yourself in the movie.


Inspiration Choir with Royal Northern Sinfonia, Sage Gateshead - journallive Administrator - The Journal

Karl Pilkington

The 28 Most Subtly Ingenious Things Karl Pilkington Has Ever Said


A picturesque sunrise above the Alps with view of the Grat Mountain between Diepen and Rophaien. The grass on the mountain slopes appears very soft in t.

Two of my heroes.  Sir Bobby Robson; a true gentleman who would bleed black and white.  An absolute legend.    Alan Shearer; best number 9 ever.

Sir Bobby Robson and Alan Shearer (Newcastle United FC, 303 apps, 148 goals)

Blink 182 - Always

Blink 182 - Always I've been here before a few times And I'm quite aware we're dying And your hands they shake with goodbyes And I'll take.