Monochrome mark making experiments; drawing techniques; art sketchbook inspiration

Mark-making examples, different techniques create different movement draws attention to different sections

Laura Slater Textiles: February 2011

Laura Slater Textiles - Inspired by how block shapes are combined with different lines, textures and marks.

mark making

This is an example of mark making. The zig-zag pattern looks like it has been made of by a stamp.

Charlotte Posenenske

Charlotte Posenenske Spritzbild (Sprayed Picture) spray pigment on paper 18 x 13 cm

Timothy P. Wilson paintings, plastic arts, visual arts, fine arts, art

I like the raw look of this sketchbook, it's unrefined and natural which creates a nice aesthetic. It would be interesting to play around with this style but I don't think my skill set is suitable.