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Harry Potter and the Resurrection Stone by marauders4evr on

The Resurrection Stone was dangerous but this is heartbreaking

This is definitely another way to look at it

This is so true (to me). That's honestly what bothers me so about Dumbledore, and the fact that Harry named one of his KIDS FOR GODS SAKE after him.

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Today’s special freebie is a unique Free Space iOS Line Icons Set. This is an special icon set related to space and astronautics that contains 60 icons for iOS tab bars, toolbars

so funny jajajaja

I actually read this in all their voices it was so funny aha. I feel like this should be a deleted scene.

Polish-Grew up in a Polish Neighborhood hearing the language -even had Polish reading class in early parochial grade school. Attended some Masses and sang some hymns in Polish. It's the culture I most identified with.

The Polish falcon. I want this to be my first tattoo. I want to outline of it and then I want the detail done in black and red.