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a stamp with an image of a bull on it
British Stamps for 1984
British Cattle 26p Stamp (1984) Hereford Bull
a bottle of vodka on a white background with the word love written in cursive writing
The World's Best Vodka Is Made In ..... - Sharenator
Chase Vodka beat 115 rivals from around the globe - including Russia and Poland - to triumph at the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
a grassy field next to a river in the middle of a forest
Malvern Water, Herefordshire, England
an old brick building sitting next to a body of water
Dovecote, Eardisland © Chris Andrews
Dovecote, Eardisland
an old stone bridge over a small road
Eardisland, Herefordshire
Eardisland, Herefordshire
a row of mobile homes sitting in the middle of a lush green field with yellow flowers
Static Caravan Sites Herefordshire
Static caravan park Herefordshire | Arrow Bank, Eardisland
a small river running through a lush green field next to houses on either side of it
Eardisland and the River Arrow, Herefordshire, England
a dirt path leading to a large tree
Herefordshire, England - Great for walking and cycling! #motorhomes #autosleeper #motorplus
sheep are grazing in the foggy field on a cold winter's day,
Frosty Orchard at Mordiford
bluebells are blooming in the woods near trees
Bluebell Woods, Fownhope
a man standing in the middle of a river holding a fishing rod with trees around him
there is a small building on the side of the road with a stream running through it
2,274 Photos of 'fish and chip shops'
Chip shop viewed across Dulas Brook, Ewyas Harold
an old brick building with many windows and doors on the outside, in front of a gated entrance
Holiday Cottages to Rent - UK Self-Catering Holidays |
The Old Tea Room20in Herefordshire
the cover to teddy roosevelt and his rough riders no 1, featuring a man on a horse
a woman's hand with purple nail polish on it and an animal paw print in the dirt
absolute Hfdshire (@absolute_hfd) / Twitter
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