Nordic Solutions

Helsinki-based creative agency Bond designed a new identity for Attido. The main ingredients of the branding are the colors yellow and black, a barless ‘A’ not unlike in the über-contrasty Dala Floda, and Neutraface No. 2 – the Display cuts

Ollo by Bibliotheque

And for an arguably gratuitous but unquestionably joyful example of a moving logo, look no further than the identity created by Bibliothèque for Bangladesh telecoms company Ollo in Ollo+logo

Gorilla by Smörgåsbord.

Really nice little project for Gorilla designed by Joseph Burrin in collaboration with Smorgasboard.

The Whysman

Various Logos — Designspiration

by San Francisco based consultancy Manual

New website and new works from Mr Crabtree and crew at San Francisco based consultancy Manual.

Reworks Festival by Beetroot

The Ultimate Canvas for Creative Discussion: Gather, share and discuss ideas with your team.

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