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London-based architecture firm Softroom has designed this restaurant and cookery school in West Berkshire, UK for Michelin-starred chef John Campbell.

Chris Ware #thevintees #illustration

Illustrator Guy Billout was an inspiration for Adventures in Archi-torturia contemporary digi art print modernist graphic illustration

that nordic feeling

I cannot get over this gorgeous living room setup from that nordic feeling. I've ID-ed the sofa-transforming legs as coming from prettypegs and the white table is the Tablo Table from Normann Copenhagen.

White clay copper shade

Hue Extra Large Shade, White Clay and Copper

“Keep only a few (books)at a time in a small basket by his bedroom chair. Again the number of books available should be limited: four is the maximum for a child two years old. ” Have books for the child under six years old that are based on reality, rather than fantasy.

reading corner Eva Montessori approach to providing a dedicated reading area for a toddler. As soon as we setup the book display, our 18 month old found his way, picked a book and sat down to "read" by himself.