Great idea for every birthday. Cut a number out of cardboard and fill with pictures of them. Never gets old no matter how old they are

great photo idea for kid's birthday - Taylor Joelle Designs: Carnival Birthday Party. I want to do this as a 'yearly' photo idea for the kids bedroom wall!

Terrible teeth in his terrible jaws!

A mouse took a stroll through a deep dark wood… That’s the start of one of the best picture books ever published. I’m sure you recognise it.

how to make the gruffalo

Here's how to make an amazing Gruffalo cake decoration. This one is quite complicated but really worth the effort when you see the end results.

This is flour! What a cool idea for a party! This could be done with footprints for Halloween.

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Fourth of July Crafts for Kids: Flour Lawn Stars. Cut out star stencil, sprinkle grass with water (to make the flour stick) and then sprinkle with flour. This idea also works for Canada's July Birthday. Just substitute the star for a Maple Leaf.

Gruffalo -very detailed but love the cupcakes around the bottom idea (in pink for jazzy)

Gruffalo themed cupcakes and main cake - perfect for a childrens Book Themed Baby Shower