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It's Tuesday friggin morning, Satan!<<< tuesdays are the source of all evil. And heat of the moment.<---I got that reference.<<god damn it why are my fandoms like this

The feels though.. --------------------------------- Guys... Can you like, not? TT^TT

Aww that's so cute but I feel bad cause I STILL DONT SHIP IT! Come on I can't be the only one << very few people don’t ship it. when Sherlock proposes to someone (i forgot who) Johns face is full of hurt and fear and sadness.

Stand up for your best friend (boyfriend)! #Johnlock

this brothers and sisters is what we call real love did you just refer to the Sherlock fandom as your siblings? Never have I been given this much respect when I am in my true form.

Never trust a Sherlockian who says the Blind Banker is their favorite episode. <<< Blind Banker is my favorite episode.