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Natural Act collages by Merve Ozaslan

Annegret Soltau: Self Portrait  Coined by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, the term ‘collage’ points towards a medium simultaneously serious and tongue-in-cheek; a technique that is deeply referential of the political world in which the works were produced. Via the assemblage of different objects and images, collage interrogates the fundamental concept of what it is to create art, whilst offering a prismatic reflection of the social change and upheaval of the twentieth century.

Top 10 Collage Artists: Hannah Höch to Man Ray

'Self-portrait' by German Dada artist Hannah Höch (1889-1978). collage. via on art etc.:

'Self-portrait' by German Dada artist Hannah Höch collage. via on art etc.: Audrey's comment: I think she was influenced by Picasso's African masks here .

Hannah Hoch - Her Art Work and how it changed peoples lives!

Hannah Hoch the woman in my "ten illustrations of women" series, was a German Dada artist , best known for her photomontage.

Hannah Höch: Das schöne Mädchen (The Beautiful Girl), 1920

Hannah Hoch – The Beautiful Girl – 1920

Cut with the Kitchen Knife through the First Epoch fo thte Weimar Beer-Belly Culture.  collage

Dada Art, by Hannah Hoch Cut With the Kitchen Knife Dada Through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany