Chocolate caramel pretzel cookies

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Cookies Recipe

Chocolate caramel pretzel cookies -- rich, fudge cookie with chopped white fudge pretzels and caramel bits. To DIE for!

my friend makes these!       Mars Bar Cake

Mars Bar Cake

I've searched for this recipe for years. 3 Mars bars (about each) butter 2 tablespoons golden syrup puffed rice cereal, e. Rice Krispies milk chocolate Chop the Mars bars and melt in a pan with the butte

triple chocolate mouse

Triple-Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe -- The dark-chocolate cake at the base is baked in ramekins. Two layers of plush, pillowy mousse -- bittersweet and milk chocolates -- are piped on top and capped with semisweet chocolate cakes

Almond strawberry roulade: perfect for those who aren't massive and fans. I know my mum would love this :) #roulade #dessert #strawberry #followme

Almond strawberry roulade

Almond strawberry roulade Delicate sponge layered with cream and strawberries makes this pretty roulade a luxurious dessert!

Triple Chocolate Mouse cake

When I'm trying to eat healthy and stay away from sugar, a strange phenomenon happens. At night, my dreams begin and end in butter, sugar, .