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More infos about juicing under Not meant as medical…

{What are homeopathic remedies?,What are home remedies,What are home cures}. {Home cures,Home remedies,Homeopathic cures} are incredibly simple.

25 Reasons Sugar is Bad for You

25 Reasons Sugar is Bad for You. I have pretty much eliminated sugar now so let's see how the UC goes!

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I reeeeally like this hair color...

Fall color maybe? Dark red rich hair color with caramel highlights. I really like the randomness of her highlights, but there aren't enough to really make a statement or have much effect on her hair.

11 Most Natural Powerful Antibiotics

11 Most Natural Powerful Antibiotics. This isn't old wives tales, next time you get a cut or scratch put some honey on it and cover. I promise it'll heal in double time!