Christine Robins

Christine Robins

Christine Robins
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Make the sides thinner, the two top back bars not needed. Shape the two tops, a timber handle would possibly look better.

Take top front bar off and could make a good cookbook holder that can hang from a cabinet when in use, but stow easily when not.

This pup who wants to kiss you. | Community Post: 30 Animal Cupcakes Too Cute To Eat

Puppy Dog Cupcake oh so cute ღ. Very sweet and cute. I'd use a jellybean for the nose, chocolate chips for his eyes, caramel for his ears, gum for his tongue and a pastry bag to ice this little fellow.

Getting ready for Spring Projects and Pallet Projects? The perfect herb garden made from a pallet, full tutorial with pictures! | PinkWhen

[I think this idea is clever, practical yet beautiful]. Quick & easy pallet idea -- beautiful vertical herb garden DIY -- love the paint color choice. It would be so fun to pay with different fonts on the labels, too.