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@Jade Costello Shelf Talkers- could have students complete shelf talker to recommend a book- book report project or unit project- once per group each month-save space for this in classroom library. Model with first classroom read aloud. Shelf talker must contain: title of book/ author, color, eye-catching illustration, persuasive language, and teaser summary of book giving setting, character(s), problem, plot preview, description of author's style. FANTASTIC IDEA!

(((PERFECT for my writing center! AND we can use them in the library when they are finished!))) The Centered School Library: Shelf Talker Lesson I've done this with my students last year and they really enjoyed it! Great lesson too!

20 Brain Break clips from Teach.Train.Love (Best part- She put them through a student-friendly filter so no images or text will pop up like they do on YouTube!)

20 Brain Break Clips: Fight the Fidgeting! by Bevin Reinen - Videos sure to get your students (and maybe even you) moving and grooving! (Links to 40 more Brain Breaks clips to use in class as well as holiday clips.

My class does this when we need a brain break and it also ends up becoming my warm up for the gym most days....;)

The Stretching Song from Have Fun Teaching. The Stretching Song is a Fitness Song for Kids that teaches stretching and how to stretch. This is a song for stretching, working out and fitness.