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How Drones are being used for aerial photography an example being for real estate etc:
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the 10 best places to show off your drone photos and videos
The 10 Best Places to Show Off Your Drone Photos & Videos #drones #dronephotography #dronevideos
an advertisement for a photographer's business with blue and white stripes on the bottom
GoolRC Flysky FS-i6 AFHDS 2A 2.4GHz 6CH Radio System Transmitter for RC Helicopter Glider with FS-iA6 Receiver
10 Tips to Improve your Drone Photography
an airplane flying through the air with many different types of clouds in it's sky
Racing Drone - Quadcopter | DIY Quadcopters and Drones
You can take your Drone Photography to the next level with this twist on the Rule of Thirds…
an aerial view of a beach with cars parked on the sand and waves coming in
Incredible Drone Photography by Pat Kay #inspiration #photography
an aerial view of people on the beach
Incredible Aerial Photography by Niaz Uddin #inspiration #photography
an aerial view of traffic on the road in china, with instagram's logo above it
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"Highways were nice and paved, and they had signs telling you which way to go. Life wasn't like that at all." -The Inexplicable Logic of my Life by Benjamin Alire Sáenz