Interior apartment 150m in LCD Grand Park, Architectural Office of Alexandra Fedorova

gorgeous contemporary stream lined bathroom. trough sink, ledges in contrasting material, it all works Interior apartment in LCD Grand Park, Architectural Office of Alexandra Fedorova

Quiet Simple Small Bathroom Designs | Home Art, Design, Ideas and Photos

Some simple small bathroom designs can help you utilize every inch of a small space. In this article, we'll show you how to transform your small bathroom with several simple small bathroom designs into a beautiful retreat

Des carreaux de ciments dans ces toilettes donnent une atmosphère moderne.

Use Spanish tiles to add a little decoration and bring some character to small bathrooms.

Tile in half bath                                                       …

WC in Side return extension on a Victorian Terraced House in Tooting, Open Plan Design, Kitchen Extension, White WC, Tile Floor

Woody --- you can totally get this look with porcelain tiles.

Duvida da Leitora - Dicas de Pisos Amadeirados para Casa Toda!

J'aime le plancher de bois dans salle de bain?!?! mélanges dois+blanc. Très lumineux. Douche verre clair. Aéré. Bain auto portant.

master bathroom with freestanding bath, timber look decor and for Australia timber tiles for the bathroom floor. The skylights let in natural light.

Shady Days of Gray | Transform a small space with easy and inspiring decorative tricks.

15 Great Bathroom Design Ideas

Get inspired by these awesome bathroom design ideas that are easy to try to transform a small and narrow space. Here are 8 awesome bathroom design ideas for your exceptional privacy