Handbag-Hanger from Lakeland

Handbag Hanger - From Lakeland This simple, fabric hanger hooks over the rail to act as guardian for up to six of your favourites, keeping them safely off the cupboard floor. With hook and loop fastenings.

Limey from Lakeland

Limey is an easy way to remove limescale from tap heads. Add limescale remover & fit over the tap head. Works in just 15 minutes. Easy to clean & compact to store.

Tidy-Box from Lakeland for bobbins, thread, buttoms

The transparent body and lid make it easy to identify the contents and the integral tray makes it simple to keep small things tidy.

The-Collapsible-Car-Bin from Lakeland

Collapsible Waterproof Car Bin helps keep your car tidy especially on long journeys. Hangs from the headrest & folds flat when not in use.