This is an interesting mix between a photo of a face and dripping water on a…

Dark photo manipulations by Giorgia Napoletano

Giorgia Napoletano is an Italian photographer/photo-manipulator who blends dark themes of body metamorphosis and obscure digital alterations. Despite her young age and entering college, she’s been pub (Mix Colors Art)

someone very special told me that it doesnt matter what you feel as long as you…

Dark photo manipulations by Giorgia Napoletano

GIORGIA NAPOLETANO - also known as blekotakra on web - is an Italian girl. She is studying in the faculty of Architecture’s Engineering in her hometown.

Fragments - you could take multiple photos, reassemble them and then draw/paint…

Arnhem's Fashion Talent

- Media idea - Fragments - I could take multiple photos, reassemble them and then draw/paint/other mixed media in the shapes - portraits + people

Maurizio Anzeri Are you looking for one? Join b-uncut, the Art Exchange and find…

'maurizio anzeri: makeup art or embroidered portraits' - evelyne politanoff, 2012 [huffington post article + series of maurizio anzeri images]

A very interesting and somewhat new concept of portrait photography that shows…

Covert Strategies: "Only to the extent that we pay attention to and think meaningfully and elaborately about new information will we be able to effectively remember, apply, and in other ways benefit from our learning experiences" (Pg.

The reason why i chose this magazine cover was because i was looking out for…

A Q&A with Wallpaper's 'Shadow Lands' photographer Alex Majoli

where your face used to be

Take a mug shot style photo. Rip out the eyes rip out the mouth rip it in half shred it into as many pieces as possible and collage them do the thing in the pin out the face and stick it back upside down

Januz Miralles

f-l-e-u-r-d-e-l-y-s: untitled “Art of Januz Miralles ” 2012 via nuestra

James Fink Hidden identity

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I need to try some smoke photography

Fashion pictures or video of Dree Hemingway: Numero May 2010 (NSFW); in the fashion photography channel 'Photo Shoots'.