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Love this! Great for comparing and ordering fractions and decimals.Simplify It!: A Fraction Card Game- Australian Curriculum Y4 - ACMNA079 - Recognise that the place value system can be extended to tenths & hundredths Make connections between fractions &
I did that with my 5th Graders as an after STAAR activity, titling it "What's in a Name."  We did fraction review, fraction addition and subtraction, fraction to decimal and will be concluding with probability.  We are creating a huge end of year math poster to showcase all of the 5th grade math they have mastered to take with them to 6th grade.
Lets explore why students struggle with fractions and some unique ways to help them gain a stronger understanding.
Percents, Fractions, and Decimals - to make it more interactive, you could have the pictures set up around the room and have the students travel in groups.  It helps the students get out of their seats.
English Skills - Figures of Speech and Grammar
Roll a Fraction/Decimal/Percent math center! Students roll 2 dice to get the percent and then convert it to a fraction, decimal, and picture! GREAT PRACTICE!
Do you have students that struggle with fractions? Try out this daily fraction printable to build their fraction knowledge. Works on equivalent fractions, creating equations using fractions, number lines with fractions, and fraction models.
percent quilt - to increase to 7th or 8th grade level - change the square so that it is not 10 x 10 - but perhaps 12x12. This will increase the difficulty level when calculating the fractions, decimals, and %.
Real Teachers Learn: Math Manipulatives and Fraction Art {Fractions and decimal relationship- hundredths}