Learn how to dress up plain old stairs with a runner. | Illustration: Gregory Nemec | thisoldhouse.com

How to Install a Stair Runner

How to Install a Stair Runner. Detailed DIY instructions on how to install a flat weave carpet on a staircase. Also includes a list of tools needed. Blue Heron Stripe Woven Cotton Rug by Dash & Albert they used.

Tips For Installing Stair Runners In Your Home

Tips For Installing Stair Runners In Your Home

Again, funky stair carpeting but would need a simple pallet elsewhere if not to be too busy. Tips For Installing Stair Runners In Your Home

How To Install a Stair Runner (step-by-step tutorial!).

Give your stairs a style update with a runner installation, like this bright rug from Dash & Albert. It's easy to do at home with a few simple tools. (Basement Step With Landing)

a pop of color in every step!

Découverte du jour: Like a color

10 Creative Ways to Paint Your Stairs. this is a perfect image to show you that just because you have a nice clean space doesn't mean that you can not have fun elements like rainbow stairs!

For basement stairs - white treads, coloured risers, but maybe ombré dove grey to avocado green

Painted stair risers by Erin Paige Pitts Interiors, different shades of blue on the risers. The white rope hooks great for a beach house.

DIY Chevron Stairs!

Good idea for the basement stairs DIY chevron stairs, painting chevron stripes, chevron, foyer

chevron stairs

10 Best Summer DIYs