Breastfeeding Around the World

Attitudes to breastfeeding and breastfeeding practices are quite different in other cultures than they are in the UK. This collection of beautiful pictures helps to illustrate those differences.
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Photo by Lori Dorman.

A celebratory look at a very normal part of parenting. Here are 30 awesome breastfeeding photos from around the world! South Africa: Peru: China: Philippines: Solomon Islands: New Zealand: Japan: Sweden: Italy: Norway: &n…

Vermont airport is first stop for mom-friendly Lactation Station -

Vermont airport is first stop for mom-friendly Lactation Station

Don't personally need this anymore but more airports need thaws. Traveling for business and leaving baby at home was hard enough but finding a place to pump while doing so was a nightmare Airport Lactation Station Helps Nursing Moms

That's nice of you, Fleetwood, but the law says I can breastfeed there anyway ;)

Today's a Mombat day via the heady delights of Fleetwood where breast-feeding is always welcome.

Fusion Cafe in Beeston, Nottinghamshire!

Fusion Cafe in Beeston, Nottinghamshire!

Raymond Blanc's Brasserie Blanc restaurant in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Cheltenham restaurant's breastfeeding sign goes viral after offering mums free tea and place to relax

Mammural ;)

In Copenhagen, Denmark. Translates to "milk is lovely"

I love that breastfeeding is so normal in other countries it even appears on their money!

Old Romanian money with breastfeeding printed on it

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