Compassionate Cakes 2014

Bake with Compassion is returning for its sixth year this October. To get you started, here are some fabulous free-range and vegan recipe ideas. Please remember that it's not just the eggs that should be higher welfare. All dairy, including butter, milk, and cream (and for those who like to use suet or lard) should be free-range or organic.
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OMG this sounds great! Goats' cheese cheesecake with poached apricots... What more could you ask for? Cheese and egg need to be free range or higher welfare :)

BBC - Mobile - Food - Beef and Stilton pie with celeriac mash and honey-roasted beetroot

Raw Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake with Peanut Butter and Coconut. Especially for people on the raw food diet, why not try this vegan cheesecake.

Raw Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake With Peanut Butter and Coconut [Vegan]

Another recipe from the Queen of Cakes. A more grown up version of a children's favourite. For those avoiding dairy or eggs, the recipe contains very little dairy, so making substitutions should be fairly simple.

This variation on the classic Battenburg cake uses coffee and walnut instead for a sophisticated cake, giving it a unique and satisfying twist.

This millefeuille from Gordon Ramsay looks great, and you can just imagine that basil and summer fruits is actually an amazing combination! Bear in mind, white chocolate contains milk, so for greater certainty of higher welfare, buy organic white chocolate, that uses organic milk :)

Strawberry & white chocolate millefeuille

We defy you not to fall completely in love with this Gordon Ramsey Strawberry & White Chocolate Millefeuille. It does take an hour to make but boy is it worth it and to avoid dinner party havoc, it can be prepared a couple of hours in advance.

Ricotta, orange and salted chocolate cake? Sounds odd, looks beautiful, and doubtlessly tastes amazing... all the better when higher welfare - basically guilt free!

Ricotta, orange and salted chocolate cake? Sounds odd, looks beautiful, and doubtlessly tastes amazing. all the better when higher welfare - basically guilt free!

It may be a Christmas favourite, but when isn't chocolate and cream a favourite? Suitable for any time of the year. Once again, please make sure the eggs and cream are higher welfare!

The Ultimate Chocolate Roulade. This recipe is taken from: Baking Bible by Mary Berry. Ingredients: plain chocolate, such as Bourneville caster sugar 6 large eggs, separated 2 tbsp cocoa powder, sifted. The filling is whipped cream

Chocolate pear cake by HF-W, if sold as part of a Bake with Compassion sale, the sauce might be omitted. Once again, please ensure you're cakes are completely compassionate. All butter, milk etc from higher welfare cows!

Chocolate pear cake

This is a chocolatey variation on the classic River Cottage apple and almond cake. And, since pears and chocolate go so well together, we couldn't resist adding a simple chocolate sauce as well.

Fancy trying something a little different? We've all had rice pudding and know how great it is, so why not try this Lokshen Pudding, made from noodles!

Lokshen Pudding

Some people might not be convinced by the idea of a pasta pudding: but just remember how fabulously comforting rice pudding is.

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