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an old poem written in black and white with the words i don't ever crave
a drawing of a cat sitting in a chair with the words i'm rich written on it
an open book with the words resting is doing
an old letter with the words,'normal day let me be aware of the treasure you are
a tree with the words, what you will see is love coming out of the trees
You are another me
an image of a poem written in space with the words, i think you've thought
the drawing of a new day is a magic time with five dogs and one cat
Sandra Boynton on Twitter
a blue watercolor painting with the words by living with kindness, you welcome your life
an old photo with the words on what we find, when we stop searching
the words give warmth are written in black ink on a white background with a brown circle
Morgan Harper Nichols
a painting with the words today only happens one
Inspiration by John 🍂 🎃 on Twitter
an abstract painting with the words may you always be the one who stays in your heart
May you always be the one who stays in relentless pursuit of what is good and filled with light
a pink background with hearts and rainbows in the shape of heart shapes, on top of
positively present
Life Lessons, Dalai Lama, Mindfulness, Humour
Thought and Quotes for Today 8.4.13
there is to seeking peace whatever that looks like loloaft here's to making the cloud come to always
Morgan Harper Nichols
the sun is setting over mountains with a poem written in it's foreground
Its Okay Quotes, Words Of Encouragement
Friday's Fantastic Finds
an abstract painting with the words, oh how wonderful you are learning about the future
You are learning to worry less about the outcome in exchange for being right here, where you are...
Mindfulness Meditation, Meditation, Writers And Poets
an elephant and a child in a boat with a light shining on the water behind them
Shine your light for others to see.
an image with the quote you don't need to change your negative thoughts
You Don't Need to Change Your Negative Thoughts - Tiny Buddha