Blue is the colour of the ocean which is calming and promotes relaxation

Photo (A well traveled woman)

Hair/Beauty / beach braids long ombre ponytail Love this fun, beachy look beach Ocean blue.

An amazing gallery of earth images.  Looks like Christmas lights in the snow.  But they are also depressing.  Those lights also represent, loss of space for wildlife, diminished overall resources, rampant destruction of trees and waterways, overpopulation, loss of nighttime skies, depletion of ocean fishes, and runaway greenhouse effects.  Some say, we're going through another "mass extinction", which, if true, means that even man will be cut down to a few hundred, just like last time.

Funny pictures about Earth At Night. Oh, and cool pics about Earth At Night. Also, Earth At Night photos.

UNDER THE SEA   Now if only I can convince the entire drama department to agree on this color scheme

S/S 2017 pattern & colors trends: UNDER THE SEA Whoop! Beautiful Abalone and Mother of Pearl colours and effects on fabric. Plus Coral colour schemes make for a modern mermaid.

♡ We CARE so we SHARE! ♡ PEOPLE! Remember this when helium balloons float away! THEY CHOKE DOLPHINS!

Publicité - Creative advertising campaign - WWF: Each year, plastic pollution kills more than 100 000 marine creatures

Plastic bags in the ocean are killing thousands of sea turtles.

Plastic bags in the ocean are killing thousands of sea turtles. Ditch the plastic, use ECO BAGS!

Washed Ashore is a traveling exhibit made entirely from ocean debris collected on Pacific beaches.

This Ocean Art Is Beautiful And Horrifying At The Same Time

Artists Mathieu Goussin and Hortense Le Calvez on their art: "in response to our time of alarming climate change, the work presents an immersion of the objects that compose our daily surroundings. The certainty that in a near future, global issues will bring disastrous consequences on the environment creates a disturbing atmosphere. However, the mass production rate of artificial materials seems unstoppable."

Super PAC App Uses Audio Fingerprinting To Cut Through Election-Ad Spin

Artists Mathieu Goussin and Hortense Le Calvez create innovative underwater sculptures out of jeans, streamers, and lawn chairs–to remind us that stuff doesn’t belong down there.

Fishing nets

Luna was stuck in a fishing net. She was tugging on it as hard as she could but…