Reading Nook/ Sofa/ Spare bed: screw-snap attached to built-in window bench: stop the seat pad sliding!

Book nook bench: "screw-snap attached to built-in window bench". Maybe a good way for me to make and secure a cushion?

Accessorizing Bookshelves // Cute & Co. Just the right amount!

Home Design, Spectacular White Polished Minimalist Wooden Built In Shelves With White Fireplace Mantle In White Family Room Decorating Desig.

Large dining room, French doors, painted beams, large painted dining table. wooden pine. Hanging pendant lights.

Vicky's Home: Fotografía de interiores de Ashley Morrison/ Interior Photography by Ashley Morrison.

Shabby and Charme: Nel sud ovest dell’Inghilterra a casa di Charlotte

Salle à manger – Shabby and Charming: In the south west of England to Charlotte house…

diy tufted bench cushion, reupholster

DIY Tufted Bench Cushion

Made this bench cushion out of from padding on top of plywood, fabric, and buttons.