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Mariel Lighter

Mariel Lighter

Chill anti

Anti is always portrayed as evil, and he hates Jack. I personally think Anti is just a jokester with a very twisted sense of humor, and is very protective of Jack. Willing to do anything to protect him.

Idk what this even is or why I came up with it but here you guys go! Hope you enjoy it! ~Giraffe

Bucket by on DeviantArt Kittycarlo: my mind went a complete weong direction XD

Even though i don't watch him I needed this today.

Even though i don't watch him I needed this today. - mens chronograph watches, dive watches, watch design for man *ad

Youtubers_ @Markliplier @Jacksepticeye @Pewdiepie now and then. We never know the future, do we? :)

Yes you did. I and the community are incredibly proud of each of you. You deserve all the credit you have and will earn. And I'm so excited to stand with you and see where you careers take you from this point on.

Never laughed so hard after looking at this. XD | cookies or coffiee by IvaTheHuman on DeviantArt

Nothing gets between good friends. except cookies and coffiee. cookies or coffiee

Pfft, why would want to find them?

Me: *looks out window.* My friend: watch looking at? Me: nothing my friend: then why are you looking out the window? Me: oh, just trying to find the fricks I give.