Pinecone Elves

Pinecone Elves

Make a tribe of cute crafted pine cone elves to decorate far more than the elf on the shelf could ever manage. Pine cones, felt, brown pipe cleaners, a wooden bead and a bit of paint plus needle and thread are all you need to make your own pine cone elf

Fun Food! Free Printable Play Dough Mats - three versions - What's For Dinner, Make a Cake and Make and Ice Cream Sundae!

Fun Food Play Dough Mats

Free Printable Play Dough Mats (They make great place mats too!) There are 3 mats to print - Wha's for Dinner, Make a Cake and Make an Ice Cream Sundae

Letter recognition sensory bin.

Letter recognition sensory bin provides the child with a sensory input that can assist him or her with letter memorization and identification.

Spider Play for Halloween or a great addition to a spider theme and learning about spiders

Spider Play Dough

Kindergarten for Dallas/Preschool for Dixon: Spider Play Dough Invitation to Play (from Fantastic Fun & Learning)

Exploring shells: This provocation uses shells and coconut scented natural playdough. The post also includes other explorations of shells. {from Fantastic Fun & Learning}

Shell Activities for Kids

Invitation to Play with Shells-Preschool Beach Activities - love this idea! Coconut scented play dough and beach items.

Finger gym

Thread objects onto wooden sticks, skewers, or straws. Children loved doing this with Cheerios!

The kids always love doing this activity!

Exploring the Outdoor Classroom: Pumpkins and Golf Tees.we did this all the time in my preschool. Great hand eye coordination and fine motor development. (autumn activities for kids preschool)

Christmas Play Dough from Fantastic Fun and Learning (",)

Mint Green Play Dough Christmas Trees-Advent Day 7

Make green play dough with mint and glitter. Then use it to make and decorate play dough Christmas trees.

Thread the correct number of beads onto the magic wand. EYFS

Thread the correct number of beads onto the magic wand - Could do addition facts

Troll Bath Time Lovely bubbly fun. We had foam shampoo and lots of lovely coloured potions! A few spray bottles, sponges, puffs etc. And just for fun, we added some strawberry scent to the water. The trolls clothes needed a wash to, so after a good scrub and swish around in the lovely bubbles, we hung the washing on our tiny troll sized line. We'll doing this one again! - Roman says tomorrow!

Tuff Spot Tuesday time again. With the warmer weather upon us it is the chance to take your Tuff Spot outside and share your Water Tuff Spot activities.