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a painting of a woman's face in a blue frame on a white wall
new painting
two white birds on a blue paper plate
Fowl Play | 22 July - 28 September 2014
"Chickens are spectacular, theatrical creatures," says Holly. "Consider their extraordinary faces and baggy accessories - all ostentation and swank! I paint the same subject many times over to see how many differences I can generate. Formal shifts, subtle - and not so subtle - shifts in colour, the angle of...
a pink and white paper plate with two birds on it, against a gray background
Adorable Chicken Plates by Holly Frean
Adorable Chicken Plates by Holly Frean
three different types of fish are shown in this collage
Andrew Ludick Colourful Ceramics
Andrew Ludick Colourful Ceramics | Fishinkblog's Blog
several plates with designs on them sitting on a table
a person holding a blue and white plate with a wave painted on the front side
Jill Rosenwald - Ceramic Vases, Lamps and Trays Handmade in Boston
Jill Rosenwald handmade ceramic vases, lamps and trays. Painted patterns in chic colorways topped with gold edging.
four plates with animals painted on them are arranged in a circle and one is empty
Rubies + Honey: Photo
a person holding a wine glass in front of a plate with flowers on it
two ceramic dishes with leaves on them sitting on a table