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How much have you lost?? an ostrich egg

How much have you lost so far? I lost an elephant's PENIS. There's some perspective. Granted, I've gained back close to all the chemical additives an American consumes in a year now that I'm in my month of pregnancy, but let's just focus on the

Watercolor bee. Torn about pinning this because though the technique is beautiful, I'm terrified of bees an looking at this freaks me out a bit. But it's so beautifully rendered I can't help but love it. And hate it at the same time lol

Watercolor bee tattoo - this but a honey bee

Pencil Drawing Of Crying Eye  in Sketching by Chloe Tao

Discover Sketching by Chloe Tao on Touchtalent. Touchtalent is premier online community of creative individuals helping creators like Chloe Tao in getting global visibility.

this is soooooooooooo cool, wish i could draw like this!

I love the human eye and to draw it like this is amazing. Natalie Wood Pencil Drawing Fine Art Portrait by IleanaHunter,

Such detail. There is a reason drawing eyes is addicting; more than anything they speak about the person drawn as much as the artist. It's like looking in a mirror. [by Ileana Hunter]

Hand Drawn Illustrations by Ileana Hunter *inspiration? More like totally jealous of that awesome talent.

Nose and lips

Ooh i loovveee drawings of lips, i wish i could draw it like this, but actually i'm a beginner sooo. But one day, i will draw lips in a good way :)

Slimming Eats - Beef Stroganoff - Gluten Free, Slimming World (SP) and Weight Watchers friendly

Slimming Eats - Beef Stroganoff - Gluten Free, Slimming World (SP) and Weight Watchers friendly Full recipe

DSC_0708 (1)

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Deliciously seasoned Spanish Chicken and Rice – a dish you just have to try. This is a pretty quick dish to put together, the chicken is so tender and has a fla

Slow Cooker Chicken Saag Curry

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